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Yu-Gi-Oh TCG PHNI Phantom Nightmare Korean Booster Box (Special Pack Included)

Yu-Gi-Oh TCG PHNI Phantom Nightmare Korean Booster Box (Special Pack Included)


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Don't close your eyes Phantom Nightmare is lurking just around the corner!

This 100-new-card set is loaded with astounding new cards that are the stuff your dreams are made of (and your opponent's nightmares...). Unlock the terrifying secrets of new themes, find brand-new cards for recent favorites, and meet more memorable monsters! No matter which way you turn, there's no escaping the exciting new cards in Phantom Nightmare!

Yubel is back! Both friend and foe to Jaden in Yu-Gi-Oh! GX, Yubel first appeared in Phantom Darkness back in 2008! Phantom Nightmare introduces new Effect Monsters, Spells, and Traps that look familiar, but unlock an all-new Yubel strategy. Power up with the original 3 forms of Yubel, or use the new Continuous Trap Card that lets you Fusion Summon a new "Yubel" Fusion Monster using your opponent's monsters as Fusion Material!

The tempestuous Majespecters are storming into battle again in Phantom Nightmare! These gusty, gutsy Pendulum Monsters are hard to pin down because they can't be targeted or destroyed by your opponent's card effects. Originally there were no "Majespecter monsters for your Extra Deck, but in Phantom Nightmare you'll find two: a new Rank 4 Xyz/Pendulum Monster and a Link-2 Link Monster. These new monsters will make sure you'll have all the Majespecter monsters you need, when and where you need them!

Time to dust off some of your old Ritual Monsters, because there's a cool new Ritual-focused theme coming that can Summon some old favorites directly from your Deck. These new cards can be played as their own strategy, or used to enhance any strategy that Ritual Summons LIGHT Warrior and/or LIGHT Dragon Ritual Monsters!

The events of an ancient battle play out over and over again as a brand-new World Premiere Pyro theme lights up the field in Phantom Nightmare. Make sure to pick up Maze of Millennia to get your copies of Bonfire so you'll be ready to try it out when Phantom Nightmare launches in February!


  • 1 booster box contains 30 packs
  • 1 pack contains 5 cards 
  • 126 card types to pull from

Shop Yu-Gi-Oh TCG with our exclusive collection! Delve into thrilling duels and strategic gameplay with authentic cards sourced directly from South Korea. Protect your cards with our hand selected range of TCG Accessories


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