With the aim of enhancing customer satisfaction in their transactions with us, Eclipse Games Puzzles Novelties extends the opportunity to pre-order or backorder specific exclusive products and settle payment in advance of their official release date. This option allows you to secure your desired product.

This service, provided at a premium, ensures the reservation of limited stock items, which will be promptly dispatched to you upon the official release date. This allows you to spend less time worrying and more time enjoying your gaming experience. Please review the following Terms and Conditions governing our Pre-Order Policy before proceeding to make a purchase.


We make it a priority to provide an anticipated release for each pre-order product featured on our website.

These Estimated Times of Arrival (ETAs) are readily accessible in the initial line of the pertinent product's description.

Please be aware that all ETAs are furnished as approximations, recognizing that unforeseen delays can arise on occasion due to factors beyond the control of Eclipse Games Puzzles Novelties. Such circumstances may encompass, but are not restricted to, delays in shipping by publishers, shortages in supplies from suppliers, or complications arising from publisher manufacturing processes.

In the event of a delay, we will endeavour to update the listing to reflect the revised arrival date as soon as possible, and we will strive to inform all affected customers, especially in cases of significant delays (exceeding a duration of 2 months). If you possess any concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to us through the support widget located on the right side or by emailing us at


Items designated as "pre-order" or “backorder” will be dispatched or earmarked for pickup as soon as the stock arrives, unless a predefined retail release date stipulated by a publisher necessitates adherence.

In such scenarios, your pre-ordered item will be retained from dispatch or pickup until its official release date."


In instances where your order encompasses both a pre-order or backorder product and other items that are in stock, kindly acknowledge that we will retain the complete order from dispatch or pickup until the pre-order product is available in our warehouse or the official release date for the pre-order item has arrived.

If you wish to divide your order to receive readily available products immediately, we urge you to promptly reach out to our customer service team. You can contact us through the Help widget situated below on the right or via email at

Please be aware that since the original order will be partitioned into two distinct orders, a supplementary shipping fee will be applied to the relevant order assigned to the pre-order items.


If your order consists of several pre-order products, along with additional items already in stock, please be informed that we will retain the entire order from dispatch or pickup until the final pre-order product is on hand within our warehouse or the official release date for the final pre-order product arrives.

If you desire to bifurcate your order to receive currently available products promptly, we urge you to expeditiously contact our customer service team. This can be accomplished through the Help widget positioned below on the right or by emailing us along with your order specifics at

Keep in mind that as the initial order will be partitioned into two separate orders, a supplementary shipping charge will be applied to the relevant order/s linked to the pre-order products.


Should you wish to cancel your pre-order, kindly reach out to our customer service team with your order number. You can contact us promptly through the Help widget positioned below on the right or by emailing us at We will strive to accommodate such requests, adhering to the applicable terms and conditions outlined in our Returns Policy.

It is important to note that, owing to the procedures governing our order processing, packing, and dispatching within our warehouse, we will be regrettably unable to cancel or modify any portion of orders for pre-order / backordered products or orders encompassing such items if the request is submitted within seven days of the product's release date.

If you have any further questions or concerns please feel free to contact us through our help widget or contact us through: