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Meeple Playing Cards

Meeple Playing Cards

United States Playing Card Co.

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A Limited Edition deck of premium quality playing cards featuring the board game piece - the Meeple! Free game counter cards included.

What is a Meeple? The Meeple is the famous “Euro” board game piece. We are both lifelong gamers, and between us we own thousands of these pieces in various forms. This custom deck is our homage to the Meeple in all its forms.

The Visual Style for The Meeple Deck is by a mash-up of the unique outline of the Meeple itself, and classic playing card elements. The number cards feature meeple-fied suits, and the royalty are equally meeple-fied. Even the King of Hearts gets the full Meeple-sword-in-head treatment.

The Card Backs are a symphony of Euro board gaming elements. Meeples, wooden blocks, and the ubiquitous “score tracker” all make their appearance on the card backs.

Custom Point Tracker Cards! Playing card decks are printed on 56 card sheets. 52 are for the cards, 2 for jokers, and 2 "other" cards. These are often thrown away. Sometimes they contain things like a list of the poker hand rankings or maybe some ads. For the Meeple Deck, Jordan has custom designed a unique set of "point counting" cards that you can use to keep track of your score in any number of games! Check 'em out!

The Ace of Spades is a key card in any deck. We've put tons of board game references into ours to make it truly stand out.

Jokers: The Jokers for the deck follow through on the concept with their jester caps and general Meelpe-ness. I'd love to see a game publisher make Meeples in this shape some day...

The Meeple Tuck Box will be designed to proudly display our friend the Meeple and harkens back to the old Aviator style playing cards.

Clean Design is important for a great play experience. The Meeple deck is a great conversation starter, but we also expect these cards to be played. To ensure a great play experience, we designed these playing cards to be easy to use and identify both when in your hands for games like Hearts or on a table for games like traditional Solitaire or Stud Poker.

• Fifty-two playing cards and two jokers – all with original and bold imagery. The Meeple Deck is ideal for card games of all types and even magic if you’re like this guy.

•Printed by the United States Playing Card Company (USPCC)

•The Meeple deck is strictly limited to an Edition size of no more than 2750 decks, ensuring that this will be a rare collectable as well as a fantastic deck of cards to use in games. 

•Printed on Bicycle playing card stock with an Air Cushion (linen) finish.

•Heavy, premium paper for the tucks.

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