Eclipse Games is thrilled to announce a new and exciting collaboration with the dynamic celebrity duo hailing from Sydney, Australia – none other than The Dodgeball Dudes, featuring the dynamic duo of Peter Phan and Phil Tran. This partnership marks a significant milestone for us, as we join forces with these charismatic individuals who are not only passionate about dodgeball but also dedicated to giving back to the community.

So, why did we partner up with the dodgeball dudes?

The Dodgeball Dudes, Peter Phan and Phil Tran, share a common goal: to contribute to the growth and development of the rapidly expanding sport of Dodgeball. At Eclipse Games, we believe in the power of sports to bring communities together, and our collaboration with The Dodgeball Dudes aligns perfectly with our commitment to supporting and nurturing emerging sports.

What makes this partnership particularly special is the shared history between Peter Phan and Phil Tran. The two met at our Parramatta Eclipse Games storefront, where their mutual love for dodgeball blossomed into a lasting friendship and a shared passion for the sport. It's a testament to the unique and community-building environment that Eclipse Games fosters.

As a company, we are always eager to give back to the community that has supported us, and we see this collaboration as a fantastic opportunity to contribute to the growth and recognition of dodgeball. Not only does this partnership strengthen our ties with the dodgeball community, but it also reflects our broader commitment to supporting local sports initiatives.

In addition to being thrilled about this collaboration, we are excited to see the positive impact that The Dodgeball Dudes will undoubtedly have on the sport and the community at large. Their journey, from chance encounters at Eclipse Games to becoming influential figures in the dodgeball scene, is a story that resonates with our own commitment to fostering connections and supporting passionate individuals.

As we look forward to a future filled with exciting dodgeball events, community engagement, and shared successes, Eclipse Games is proud to stand alongside The Dodgeball Dudes as partners in promoting the growth and development of dodgeball as a sport that brings joy, camaraderie, and a sense of community to all who

Get to know the amazing duo

The Magician

Peter Phan

Why do I play dodgeball?

I remember saying that to myself, I think dodgeball is my sport. I was like, where else do you get to vent your frustrations and throw balls legally and hit people out? You can't do that in any other sport, right?

The better you become at dodgeball, the more confident as a person you become. I've seen so many people walk into dodgeball really shy, and now they've opened up like a flower because they've really honed their skills and they've become so much better.

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also a magician

Phil Tran

What's your story?

Basically, I just love the dodgeball movie... something about Ben Stiller as that character is amazing.

We went straight in and we fell in love the first day we played, and the rest is history.

I wanted to make more memories with Peter and we decided to create content together with the niche of dodgeball because after 6 years of playing dodgeball, there was still no educational and entertaining dodgeball content out there.

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