Pokemon TCG Japan's Cyber Judge & Wild Force

Miraidon features on a new Pokémon ex using the Future Paradox mechanic in a new deck coming out in Japan along with Cyber Judge.

Pokémon TCG Japan has begun teasing the next Scarlet & Violet-era sister sets, Wild Force and Cyber Judge. These two sets are themed to the new Legendary Paradox Pokémon released in the recent DLC's expanding on the Paldea region. Wild Force features the ancient ancestors of the Beasts of Johto, the Paradox Pokémon Raging Bolt (an ancestor of Raikou), Gouging Fire (an ancestor of Entei), and Walking Wake (an ancestor of Suicune). Cyber Judge features the future descendants of the Swords of Justice, the Paradox Pokémon Iron Leaves (a descendant of Virizion), Iron Boulder (a descendant of Terrakion), and Iron Crown (a descendant of Cobalion). Both sets hit shelves on January 26th, 2024. These expansions will also reintroduce Ace Spec cards with a new holo pattern. It has already been confirmed that these sets will combine to make up our English-language Pokémon TCG set for March 2024, Scarlet & Violet – Temporal Forces. Today, let's take a look at more cards from the Starter Deck & Build Set products coming out, along with these sister sets.

Pokemon Cyber Judge & Wild Force

Now released and available for purchase:


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